We at Third Reich Pages Organization offers a great solution to your drywall temporary wall problem and expense. We know how hard it is to work with large sheets of drywall that just do not fit the boundary area you are trying to conceal. Here are 5 reasons to convince you to use our wall systems.


Our temporary wall system will save you money
you can use our walls over and over. No need to throw them away. Just pack them up and move them to your next construction project.


No need for building permits
Our walls are self-contained temporary structures so in most cases you will not need to buy expensive permits.


Easy to paint and add graphics
Are blank white walls too boring? Then be creative and design your own wall colors and graphics.


Customize features
No dimension is too tough for our walls. We can customize them to fit your construction needs. Plus they go great with amish decorations


Easy installation, disassembly & reassembly
Our walls are made from lightweight aluminum which makes handling them a snap. With all the hardware included you can have these walls up in no time, or moved to a new location or design in less time than it takes to construct a drywall temporary wall system.